Thursday, 31 January 2013

Spanking and Pregnancy!

It's been half a year since I last made a blog post and a lot has changed since then. Last summer we got a shock to found out I was pregnant and so here I sit currently 35 weeks along! Of course we are very happy and excited :) ( and I find it strange to think me and the boyfriend nearly did not meet as I almost cancelled our spanking session, strange how life works out!).

Anyway I realise this is a spanking blog but thought I would discuss the topic of spanking during my pregnancy. Not long after finding out I did google 'spanking during pregnancy' in search of advice and any other spanko's experiences which did bring up a few blog and forum posts however not suprisingly the views ranged from "it should be avoided" to "its perfectly fine!"and so I took from that its entirely an individual thing. I'm not sure what the medical stance would be but I would say it pretty much comes down to common sense and of course in a high risk pregnancy its probably best avoided, luckily I've had a pretty easy pregnancy so far.


I think the biggest problem is finding a position that is both comfortable and safe. I received my last over the knee spanking when I was 9 weeks pregnant and even that was with me lying further forward off my boyfriends lap to avoid any pressure on my stomach. I think it is probably best to avoid traditional otk position completely to be on the safe side but instead to find a position that avoids any weight to the belly.

After this and before I had a bump we tried me lying on my front on the bed with pillows under my chest. Other positions we have tried mainly involved me standing and leaning my upper torso on something such as a table, back of couch and a bean bag (bean bags are particularly recommended if you have one!). Since I entered my third trimester however I haven’t received a proper spanking at all as bump is well and truly in the way and my hips and back ache so it is hard to stay in any position for very long. Of course I still get playful swats to my bottom frequently and I would say they are perfectly fine throughout pregnancy!

Pain Tolerance

This may be the case for other women too but I have definitely noticed that my pain tolerance is affected by my hormones. Whilst being pregnant my tolerance for pain has been so much lower so this is definitely something to take into account as even a light hand spanking can result in a lot of ouches!


This is obviously only an issue for some couples who practice domestic discipline or discipline/punishment spankings and I can understand that some might not feel comfortable with this at all. If you have read any of my previous blog posts you might know that me and my boyfriend do use spankings for real discipline too. There are some alternative punishments that can be used such as corner time, lines, etc but for us I don't think a whole 9 months without using spanking would have worked. The spanking I received at 9 weeks was a long punishment spanking with hand followed by several implements which was ok for us as I was so early. Since then there have only been a few times I have earnt a discipline spanking and we have adapted our usual style to just a short spanking with just a number of swats with a strap (being very careful to only strap the middle/lower part if my bottom). However I earnt myself a punishment about 6 weeks ago for disobedience and neither us feel comfortable with dealing with that at this stage of pregnancy so I will be expecting that once I've recovered from the birth which is strange for me having to wait so long and makes me quite nervous! I am sure I will update with how it went when the time comes.

Again everyone will have different views on spanking during pregnancy which is perfectly fine and I thought I would just offer my own experiences. One thing is for sure I have really missed otk spankings (virtually all my spankings are given that way before I became pregnant) and looking forward to being able to do them again!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

D.I.Y Spankings!

Apologies for the long time, no post.... been concentrating on finishing my final year of university, so sadly nilla life has been priority over spanko life :( :(. That and if I visit any spanking related sites I end up getting distracted instead of getting any work done lol.

This past weekend we went to a local DIY store and for fun thought we would look for items that could be kinky. I discovered that they had a whole aisle dedicated to chains, rope and several other materials that could be used to tie or restrain somebody! I wanted to look for something that was long and thin, similar to a cane and we did find something to buy (although I'm not sure what its real purpose was, think it was something to do with a window frame) and we also saw a pack of garden sticks that looked ideal. The boyfriend got a bit over zealous with our new toy though as he swished it in the air it snapped so I do'nt think they are too robust (probably better to buy a few!).

Here is a picture of some of the things we brought...

So if you ever fancy buying something new but do'nt want to visit a sex shop or order stuff online then I definitely recommend a visit to a DIY store!

In my last past I spoke about how my pain tolerance seemed to be much lower now and a few months on things are still very much the same which is no fun when it comes to getting a discipline spanking let me tell you! The other day I accidentally did'nt screw the lid back on my bottle of orange juice and it leaked in my bag soaking everything in there including my blackberry and phone! :( At first neither would work and I was gutted but thankfully the next day they were fine, however I still ended up receiving a spanking as this wasnt the first time I had not put the lid bac on properly... seems to be a habit of mine! So I got a hard otk hand spanking and hopefully will be more careful in future!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Low Pain Tolerance :(

Something is troubling me.

 I seem to have a much lower pain tolerance than I did before. I am sure my boyfriend is not spanking me any harder than before but yet often I find it is really hurting me, so much that sometimes Im doing everything in power to get off his lap! Now I know discipline spankings are supposed to hurt but it seems that they hurt much more than they did before.... Not suprisingly I am not happy about this! Even when we are only play spanking it sometimes feels really painful.

I can only put it down to a lack of spanking activity since 2010. For a while I rarely got spanked at all, partly due to where I was living and lack of privacy but also I guess I just lost some of my spanking mojo. It has only really been a month or so since we started again, getting on average 2/3 spankings a week. I am just a bit worried that it does'nt seem to be getting any less 'hurty' but I suppose I may need to give it more time. I cannot think what else it may be.... I do remember hearing that you (ladies) are more sensitive to pain according to the time of the month and your hormones although I do'nt think that is the case here as it is the same throughout the month!

I guess the only solution might be more spankings.....I just hope my bottom won't be wimpy forever!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Blog is back! :)

Yes I have decided to start my blog back up again!

So around 18 months ago I decided to leave the spanking scene for a while due to personal reasons and the fact that my vanilla life demanded my whole attention. Of course I'm still very much a spanko and so the pull of returning to the world of spanking was just to great and I find myself wanting to blog again and share my thoughts and experiences about this thing we do. Hopefully I am allowed back!
When I decided to leave as well as deleting my blog, I also stopped checking my email so if anyone is reading this and sent me an email then I apologise for not replying.

My spanking activities have been quite limited since the summer of 2010 so unfortunately I have no t a lot to share today! I am still in a relationship with my boyfriend and fellow spanko and so am still receiving spankings from him (although sadly 9 months spent living in student accommodation with paper thin walls curtailed that activity for a while but have since moved out so am looking forward to as many spankings as I want! (or don't want :/)). For those of you who don't know my boyfriend and I met in 2009 and have been together since and practise both disciplinary and fun spanking.

Having not even looked at a spanking site in over a year I have spent the past few weeks catching up with whats been going on! My boyfriend and I also attended a local spanking munch last week along with members from British Spanking and met some lovely people. We both wanted to try and meet people as while I have a few online spanking friends to talk too it is sometimes nice to talk in person with others and to not have to hide that part of ourselves like we normally do with vanilla friends and family!

I have also set up a story blog featuring spanking stories I have written after finding them hidden away on a external hardrive of mine :). They were written quite a few years ago and whilst writing is not one of my very few talents I thought I would post them anyway and make my own story collection. They can be found here ..

So thats a brief update from me, I promise to post again when I have something more interesting to say!

Happy Spankings